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 Crimson provides it’s Clients with best in business services that are quick, easy and reliable. We have everything you need to transform your business that includes our range of services including Advisory Consulting, Implementation and Production Support.

Our team will guide you through the entire lifecycle of our offering i.e. Problem Analysis, Solution Designing and Development, Project Testing and Implementation and Maintenance and Support. You can also enjoy the benefits of our tailor-made services that will suit your specific needs.

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Advisory Consulting

Advisory Consulting

We provide SAP Advisory services in the fields of Business Intelligence, Big Data Analysis and Visualization, Cloud Analytics etc. Our experts with more than fifteen years of experience will guide you through various stages of your project. We help in business/process improvement in areas where there is a need for first time implementation or review, redesign and sustainable improvement of existing process.

Some of our Services in Advisory Consulting:

  • We help in transformation of business requirements of our clients into technical requirements.
  • We provide assistance in SAP HANA sizing, assessing the need for and setting up of SAP HANA Systems
  • We help our clients in testing the technical environments where the software would be run.(including Problem Analysis, Solution Designing and Development, Project Testing and Implementation and Maintenance and Support)
  • We also serve clients that are launching a new line of business and need consultation in which product to use for their business.
  • We help in assisting roll out of SAP and related services to new factories or distribution centers
  • We guide in the process of Software Evaluation and Selection in the area of Analytics, Business intelligence, Big data cloud and visualization.
  • We provide guidance to the client’s IT team in taking ownership of the software solution and in gaining post-implementation technical approval by the software solution provider.
  • Training and Consultation for post-implementation performance and optimization assessment.
  • SAP Business Intelligence, Cloud, Big data Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics enabled end-to-end transformation/Implementation.


Our Consulting services will help you answer all your business questions:

  • Which software to select to transform and optimize tour business?
  • If the business process is on track to deliver the quality?
  • Should the client go for Digital Business Transformation and How?
  • How to Manage and assess SAP-related investments?
  • How to select between SAP-rich solutions alternatives?
  • How to Implement, run and maintain SAP-rich solutions?

The list mentioned by us is not exhaustive; our services can be tailor-made to meet client’s requirements. Please contact us to get more details.



Get ready to leverage the expertise of Crimson to implement the best solutions for your business!
Our team will collaborate with you through all the phases of implementation i.e. planning, developing timelines, defining goals and conceptualizing and developing the required software product.
We provide the implementation services for all the solutions that we provide i.e. in the areas of Analytics, Business intelligence, Big data cloud and visualization.
A step by step guide to our implementation strategy:

  • Define scope of required implementation
  • Decide project milestones
  • Create the business case
  • Assess the case to identify clients’ requirements
  • Define plan of action
  • Engagement in formal communication of the project details
  • Implement the final solution
  • Perform Final approvals and Review

Support - Copy


Ensure your success at every step with our support services!Crimson’s support services help you maintain your success and prevent any future issues. Our team with multitude of experience in large support projects will not only help you with process monitoring and control but will also ensure speed, performance and agility in its solutions.Crimson will help you to monitor the system for any issues in the fields of Business Intelligence (Data warehousing), Planning and Forecasting, Cloud Analytics or Visualization process.
Some of our support services include:

  • Monitoring Data load activities and recovered failures in Production systems.
  • Solving issues related to extractions, process performance and data load failures.
  • Any production support activities required in SAP BI Data warehousing ( SAP B/4 HANA )
  • Data Visualization issues involving user access/interface.
  • Supporting your BI Analytics applications on the Cloud ( AWS or SAP HANA HCP)