Cloud Computing

CLOUDStore, Access and Analyze your data anytime, anywhere!

Move your data from your system’s hard drive to the cloud. Enjoy the power to access your data with your mobile devices using our Cloud Services. Crimson provides vast range of cloud-computing tools like SAP HANA Cloud –HCP, Amazon Web service (AWS), SAP Business objects Cloud, etc.

Cloud computing comes with many benefits like cheaper cost compared to capital intensive hard-drives, faster speed, easy accessibility, high performance and reliability. Crimson will help your company to enjoy all these benefits of Cloud computing with our world-class services.

Amazon Web service (AWS)Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform for reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing service that offers database storage, content delivery, etc to businesses. Crimson helps in implementation of this platform to help companies leverage this cloud computing platform.


It helps to build sophisticated business applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

  • It supports large-scale OLAP deployments; including BW/4HANA for its EC2 X1 clusters.
  • It offers Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), a private, isolated section of the AWS cloud where you can launch resources in a virtual network that you define VPC Enables connectivity between your network and VPC via a VPN or dedicated connection. Simplifies end user access and system integration.
  • It offers a scalable and cost effective platform for moving enterprises seamlessly to the Cloud in a smooth and secure manner.
  • It Provides options to run many software on cloud, such as, IAAS SAAS, PAAS options
  • With SAP HANA on AWS Cloud, companies can:
  • Achieve faster time-to-value for SAP HANA project with AWS on-demand infrastructure.
  • Integrate SAP HANA system running in their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with existing on-premise systems.
  • Scale resources up or down as necessary.
  • Run all SAP HANA workloads on a multi-node cluster, providing up to 4 TB of memory.
  • Develop and deploy SAP HANA quickly and reliably in the Cloud.
  • Leverage existing licensing investment with no additional licensing fees.


Crimson offers variety of solutions based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including cloud consulting, architecture, migration, managed services, and implementation. Some of our key offerings include:

  • Our experts help companies that are planning to move to the cloud or are already in it, on how they can use AWS to make their application highly efficient and scalable.
  • We also help in migrating various business critical applications to AWS by analyzing company’s existing IT infrastructure to recommend a way to migrate your applications and content to AWS effortlessly.
  • Our consultants and developers would help you with AWS Cloud Application Development and any other related concerns.
  • We offer AWS Managed Services, where you can use our expertise on AWS to manage all your AWS related databases and infrastructure.
  • We also provide services like: Resource Usage & Billing Optimization, Application Architecture Validation and Consulting, General Consulting and query resolutions related to AWS products and services, Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS, Application Performance Monitoring, and Resolution of AWS related Incidents.
  • We mainly focus on Buniess intelligence, Data warehouse, Analytics and big data tools.
  • Crimson focus onproviding on all HANA products like SAP B/4 HANA, SAP HANA( Standalone), SAP IQ, Major reporting tools ( Like Tableau, Qliview , SAP Business objects ) Hadoop on cloud.
  • Our expertise in analytics helps us provide the highest level of business analytics planning for your cloud migration.
  • We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer reliable, secure private cloud hosting for SAP Applications like HANA ( SAP HANA, B/4 HANA , S/4 HANA) and visualization tools and HANA platforms that can be deployed in a matter of minutes on a monthly subscription payment plan.

Whether you are looking for a testing, development or production environment, our AWS solution is a great option for you. Our offerings are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements. Please contact us to get best of our offerings.

SAP HANA Cloud -HCPSAP HANA Cloud Platform is a cloud platform that allows autonomous cloud applications and is based on breakthrough in-memory technology as delivered by SAP. It delivers instant mobile access to its users, making data analysis and visualisation easy. Currently, it is provided as PaaS, Platform as a Service i.e. customers pay only for the service of using the environment, which can be used in any manner.


  • Applications can be quickly built and are highly scalable as they leverage high speed and scale of SAP HANA.
  • It offers instant mobile access for the ease of users and to meet the business requirements.
  • It combines on-premise systems with the cloud.
  • Infrastructure and updating is taken care by SAP, thereby making users completely free from all these responsibilities.
  • It includes HANA database, thus providing user with access to the processing of in-memory data and rich analytical functionalities of this solution.
  • It guarantees data safety at the top level by means of certified data centres. This solution holds international safety certificates and guarantees availability at the level of 99.9%.
  • HANA Cloud Connector facilitates exchange of data between SAP HANA Cloud Platform and any SAP installation or other on-premise system, and also with HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) and any cloud or on-premise solution.
  • It comes with huge possibilities, for example, many applications have been created based on HCP, including: IoT, analytical, financial and mobile applications.
  • It helps in data analytics, as it provides over 40 predictive algorithms.
  • It integrates with SAP solutions, including: S/4 HANA, BOC, CEC, Ariba and SuccessFactor.



Crimson provides comprehensive solution based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform that will help you grow your business. Our experts have experience in providing this solution in all kinds of complex business scenarios. Some of our offerings are:

  • We help in building complex business applications based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • We offer extension of SAP on-premise solutions with new possibilities provided by the cloud, without complete migration to the cloud.
  • We also offer Extension of solutions in the cloud such as SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba.
  • We also supply ready-made applications such as Fiori, gamifications, analytical, financial, IoT, mobile and many others,
  • We prepare need-based solution architectures, e.g. for the migration to a cloud-based platform from the current system in the company.
  • We will help in deployment of this platform which will provide Connectivity Services, Using Internet Service in Cloud Application, Document Service, Persistence Service, Identity Service and Feedback Services.
  • SAP HANA on CLOUD platform offers: SAP HANA App Services, SAP HANA DB Services, SAP HANA infrastructure services etc.
    • SAP HANA App Services (Paas): It includes a mixture of the capabilities for Database Service and shared Application Services basically required for development of existing solutions.
    • SAP HANA DB Services (DBaaS): It has two editions: Base, that includes core DB services, development services and libraries, and Platform, that includes advanced features such as predictive, search, graph, text analysis and geo-spatial.
    • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services (IaaS): It provides subscriptions for those customers who have their existing license and want to get up and grow without investing in hardware.

Our offerings are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements. Please contact us to get best of our offerings.

SAP Business objects CloudSAP BusinessObjects Cloud is the new generation of ‘Software as a service’ (SaaS) solution offered by SAP AG as a part of Business Intelligence for businesses and it operates entirely in the cloud.It provides all the analytics for users in one product.


  • It does not require software installation by the customer, as it is available in SaaS model.
  • It is based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform environment which facilitates fast and efficient data processing.
  • It combines the functions of planning, reporting and analyzing in a single tool.
  • It can be accessed anytime by mobile devices, which helps the user to carry out analysis in real time from data inside organization and also data from the external surroundings of a company.
  • It provides integrated analytics, hence, reduces errors and saves time.
  • Data can be pulled from Hadoop sources also.
  • Data connection strategies used are ‘Query on-premise’ and ‘Import data set’.
  • Models are easy to create with intuitive and simple interface.
  • Data models can be automatically created based on available datasets.
  • It includes various geospatial features like: Geocoding, integrated HANA spatial coding, etc.
  • It provides access to data by the following two means: online and through importing.
  • Online reporting enables real time data analysis, as data replication is not necessary. Thorough reporting requires data loading into the tool and then it can be adjusted based on needs.
  • It has international safety certificates, which guarantees full security for the data, without generating additional costs for the customer.
  • It provides access to various data sources from SAP systems and other systems.


Crimson offers complete solution to clients’ needs related to SAP Business objects Cloud. We pride ourselves with years of experience, in this field, and hence, ensure you best quality service from our end.

  • We help in configuration of connections with data sources
  • We support in creation of analytical models and visualizations and reports.
  • We provide training and coaching to clients to help them with easy and smooth usage of the product.
  • We provide advisory consulting to recommend clients by analyzing their business needs and help in understanding complete procedure of implementation of this tool.
  • We provide easy migration from existing to new system.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Cloud solution include Planning, BI, Predictive and Governance related solutions to the clients.

Our offerings are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements. Please contact us to get best of our offerings.