SAP HANA Cloud -HCPSAP HANA Cloud Platform is a cloud platform that allows autonomous cloud applications and is based on breakthrough in-memory technology as delivered by SAP. It delivers instant mobile access to its users, making data analysis and visualisation easy. Currently, it is provided as PaaS, Platform as a Service i.e. customers pay only for the service of using the environment, which can be used in any manner.

Main features:

  • Applications can be quickly built and are highly scalable as they leverage high speed and scale of SAP HANA.
  • It offers instant mobile access for the ease of users and to meet the business requirements.
  • It combines on-premise systems with the cloud.
  • Infrastructure and updating is taken care by SAP, thereby making users completely free from all these responsibilities.
  • It includes HANA database, thus providing user with access to the processing of in-memory data and rich analytical functionalities of this solution.
  • It guarantees data safety at the top level by means of certified data centres. This solution holds international safety certificates and guarantees availability at the level of 99.9%.
  • HANA Cloud Connector facilitates exchange of data between SAP HANA Cloud Platform and any SAP installation or other on-premise system, and also with HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) and any cloud or on-premise solution.
  • It comes with huge possibilities, for example, many applications have been created based on HCP, including: IoT, analytical, financial and mobile applications.
  • It helps in data analytics, as it provides over 40 predictive algorithms.
  • It integrates with SAP solutions, including: S/4 HANA, BOC, CEC, Ariba and SuccessFactor.


Our Key Offerings:

Crimson provides comprehensive solution based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform that will help you grow your business. Our experts have experience in providing this solution in all kinds of complex business scenarios. Some of our offerings are:

  • We help in building complex business applications based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • We offer extension of SAP on-premise solutions with new possibilities provided by the cloud, without complete migration to the cloud.
  • We also offer Extension of solutions in the cloud such as SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba.
  • We also supply ready-made applications such as Fiori, gamifications, analytical, financial, IoT, mobile and many others,
  • We prepare need-based solution architectures, e.g. for the migration to a cloud-based platform from the current system in the company.
  • We will help in deployment of this platform which will provide Connectivity Services, Using Internet Service in Cloud Application, Document Service, Persistence Service, Identity Service and Feedback Services.
  • SAP HANA on CLOUD platform offers: SAP HANA App Services, SAP HANA DB Services, SAP HANA infrastructure services etc.
    • SAP HANA App Services (Paas): It includes a mixture of the capabilities for Database Service and shared Application Services basically required for development of existing solutions.
    • SAP HANA DB Services (DBaaS): It has two editions: Base, that includes core DB services, development services and libraries, and Platform, that includes advanced features such as predictive, search, graph, text analysis and geo-spatial.
    • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services (IaaS): It provides subscriptions for those customers who have their existing license and want to get up and grow without investing in hardware.

Our offerings are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements. Please contact us to get best of our offerings.