Data Visualization

Explore your data better to dive into a better future!

At Crimson, we believe in giving easy solution to complex problems. Turn large piles of data into more attractive and compelling visual mode. Our visualization tools help you to take better decisions by helping the top management team infer quickly and easily from the patterns and observations summarized by our visualization tools.

We provide with quickest and most reliable data visualization tools like SAP Tools-Design Studio, Microstrategy, Tablaeu, Qlikview.

SAP Tools-Design Studio

SAP Design Studio is an Application Development Tool for generating interactive Dashboards using SAP’s software like SAP BW, HANA and Universe Data Sources. Being one of the best visualization tools, it can help you create simple dashboards to make faster decisions.


  • The dashboards can be accessed anywhere by company employees using their mobile devices like iPad, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • It facilitates easier designing of applications and manual data in Crosstabs
  • It also allows users to add data with the help of planning objects, while using SAP BW as the backend system.
  • It facilitates real time connection between Applications developed in Design Studio to SAP HANA or any Data Warehouse System.
  • SAP Business Objects Design Studio SDK helps in adding external custom components into client’s application, which further help to create interactive dashboards.
  • Its components can act data source for other components.


Crimson will help you in implementation and further production support for the software. We also provide advisory consulting related to the software.
Our offerings are custom made to suit client’s requirements. Some of the offerings are:

  • We help in connecting Different data structures, like SAP Design Studio can be used with Business Warehouse (BW), SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects BI Platform.
  • In case, our offering of Design studio alone does not satisfy your requirements, we can provide you with extensions available from 3rd party vendors. These extensions would help you get additional functionalities like:
    • Improved visualization capabilities with full control on format & layout.
    • Better filtering capabilities for Dashboards.
    • More features for Conditional formatting.

Additional feature of geo reporting in visualization.

MicrostrategyMicroStrategy is another visualization tool that will help you to better analyze your data and make quick decisions. With our expertise, we will help you to achieve best out of this tool.


  • You can easily connect to and analyze data from any source.
  • It facilitates you to transform and modify data with built-in data wrangling and parsing capabilities.
  • It comes with a built-in library of visualizations and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy for users to build data discovery dashboards.
  • Provides easier addition of third-party visualizations, like D3.
  • You can also build your own dashboard from scratch with Visualization Builder and SDK.


Crimson will help you in implementation and further production support for the software. We also provide advisory consulting related to the software.

  • We will help in Data Modeling, Building Schema Objects & Public Objects.
  • We will help you in creating Enterprise Dashboards & Scorecards, Distribution Services, Ad-hoc Reporting, Multidimensional Reporting using OLAP Services And Write Back using Transaction Services
  • We will also help you to run your Microstrategy software on AWS.
  • We will provide Support & Maintenance, Performance Tuning , Change Management and User Training

We will also help you to develop Mobile BI App using MicroStrategy Mobile.

TableauTableau is another data visualization tool created that connects to a data source, like Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data produces instantaneous attractive and interactive visualizations i.e. dashboards.


  • It allows you to easily spot trends and make important decisions.
  • It is highly interactive i.e. it has Filtering, highlighting, and other dashboard tools.
  • It has the ability to combine Multiple Data Sources.
  • It provide quick and creation by a Business User.
  • It facilitates easy sharing of Dashboard based on existing security.
  • It can be accessed by Mobile devices.
  • It’s rapid-fire business intelligence provides a fast, easy way to make visual analytics available to everyone, including a non-technical user.


Crimson, with its team of highly experienced experts will  provide you with end to end solution from advising, implementation to support. We will help your company to make data-driven and noise free decision, using this tool.

  • Crimson follows best practices standards set by Tableau and provides outstanding services.
  • Our team has strong experience in integrating the Data ware housing and analytic back end data base SAP BI & HANA to Tableau for efficient reporting.
  • We will help you in building world class Tableau dashboards that allow you to easily spot trends in your data.
  • Our team will ensure smooth deployment of this tool into your organizational landscape.
  • We will help you with anything and everything related to the utilization of Tableau, including:
    • Tableau Dashboard Development
    • Tableau Online/Server Strategy and Administration
    • Tableau Proof of Concept
    • Training & Coaching
    • Data Discovery Guidance & Strategy
    • Tableau Implementation Strategy
  • Crimson will help you run Tableau software on top of any AWS supported underlying database whether it is SAP HANA , SQL server or Redshift.

QlikviewQlikview  is a single tool for creating Dashboards and reports. It is an intuitive self-service BI platform that helps the user to create visually comprehensive dashboards to aid in business decision making.


  • It is easy to use, requires no prior experience and has minimum learning curve
  • It performs fast in-memory analytics and produces rich Dashboards.
  • It does in-memory data processing and stores data in the report which it creates.
  • It offers variety of client User Interfaces, including Web, desktop and iPad
  • It’s visual results interactively drill down to any subset of data
  • It is one of the most advanced Data Visualization tools available.
  • It can read data from numerous sources including files and relational databases.
  • It does data integration by combining data from various sources into one document.
  • It compresses the original data to a very small size.
  • The relationship between data is not shown by arrow or lines but by colors.


Crimson provides QlikView Consulting Services as part of our analytics and data visualization services.

  • Our team, with their years of expertise in data visualization can help you compare and select the tool that will make your data more useful to your employees and customers.
  • We will help in rapid deployment of the software tool in your company using agile and excellent methodology.
  • Based on whether you use SAP HANA SAP B/4 HANA ( BW on HANA) or any other Data sources, we will help you use this tool for data visualization as per your requirement.
    • QlikView provides a connector for use with SAP Netweaver and its subset of these connectors that can be used to extract data from BW on HANA
    • Alongside the Netweaver stack, HANA can be deployed in organisations without SAP ERP or SAP BW. In this environment QlikView can use the ODBC driver.
  • We provide support services after a successful deployment by our team.