SAP Data services

SAP Data services

What is SAP Data services:

SAP Data Services is a platform for designing ETL processes using graphic user interface, which comes with intuitive tools and features that helps quick flow of necessary data. These tools are predefined and very easy to use, and ensure soundness of data.

Main features:

  • It extracts, transforms and loads data from heterogeneous sources into a target database or data warehouse.
  • It supports Data real-time data movement and access.
  • Performance improvement can be achieved using parallelization and grid computing.
  • A complete data service product usually consists of Designer, Job server, Engine and Repository.

Our Key Offerings:

  • Design, develop and maintain ETL processes related to importing and exporting data from source systems.
  • Transforming/cleansing/enhancing data, and providing data to designated systems.
  • Install and configure BODS Server and client tools.
  • After implementation: BODS Change management and production rollout.
  • Integration of SAP Business Objects Data Services into your exiting (SAP) system landscape and your Data Warehouse.
  • Introduction and further development of master data management processes as well as supporting IT processes.
  • Operational and IT support and maintenance.