SAP Tools-Design Studio

SAP Tools-Design StudioSAP Design Studio is an Application Development Tool for generating interactive Dashboards using SAP’s software like SAP BW, HANA and Universe Data Sources. Being one of the best visualization tools, it can help you create simple dashboards to make faster decisions.

Main features:

  • The dashboards can be accessed anywhere by company employees using their mobile devices like iPad, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • It facilitates easier designing of applications and manual data in Crosstabs
  • It also allows users to add data with the help of planning objects, while using SAP BW as the backend system.
  • It facilitates real time connection between Applications developed in Design Studio to SAP HANA or any Data Warehouse System.
  • SAP Business Objects Design Studio SDK helps in adding external custom components into client’s application, which further help to create interactive dashboards.
  • Its components can act data source for other components.

Our Key Offerings:

Crimson will help you in implementation and further production support for the software. We also provide advisory consulting related to the software.
Our offerings are custom made to suit client’s requirements. Some of the offerings are:

  • We help in connecting Different data structures, like SAP Design Studio can be used with Business Warehouse (BW), SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects BI Platform.
  • In case, our offering of Design studio alone does not satisfy your requirements, we can provide you with extensions available from 3rd party vendors. These extensions would help you get additional functionalities like:
    • Improved visualization capabilities with full control on format & layout.
    • Better filtering capabilities for Dashboards
    • More features for Conditional formatting

Additional feature of geo reporting in visualization