Predictive Analytics

R-SAP HANA Integration


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Predictive analytics is a technique to extract information from data to predict future trends and patterns. We help you to learn, implement and use various tools like R and SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics.

Predictive Analytics using R:

R is one of the most powerful language tools used for data analysis and statistical computing. It’s not just software for statistical computing; it is much more than that. It is a tool that can help you achieve exceptional insights from your raw data. By using methods like Regression, CART, Associative rule mining, etc, you can get best results from R.


Main features of R:

  • It is an open source tool, which doesn’t require any subscription charges.
  • Instant access to over 7800 packages customized for various computation tasks is available.
  • It will help you to get high performance computing experience.

Predictive Analytics using SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics:

SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics is advanced analytics software that can be used on premise or in the cloud. It helps your company to get the cutting-edge predictive analysis capabilities that will improve performance drastically.


Main features of Business Objects Predictive Analytics:


  • It automates data preparation, predictive modeling, and deployment.
  • It is also easy to retrain models in this software
  • It provides the facility to utilize in-database predictive scoring for variety of target systems
  • It also comes with advanced visualization capabilities to get quick insights
  • It can be easily integrated with R to enable a large number of algorithms and custom R scripts
  • You can deploy SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics stand-alone or with SAP HANA

Our Key Offerings:

Crimson provides all the services which will help your company utilize best tools to use Predictive Analytics in your company. Our main offerings include:

  • Advisory consulting regarding the best tool to be used for Predictive Analytics, to get best business insights.
  • Planning and installation of R and SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics in your company.
  • Installation, Up gradation and Support for the best suitable software tool.
  • Training and coaching employees to use the Predictive Analytics tools and get best business insights.

Our offerings are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements. Please contact us to get best of our offerings.