Handle your data better with our modern data warehouse solution. Don’t just collect and store your data, let it speak!


SAP BW/4HANA is a new and most advanced product from SAP that provides next generation data warehouse solution that is both agile and flexible. It is a logical continuation of previous versions of BW.

Main features:

  • A move towards simplification, better performance, Real time access, Zero Throw-away work and virtualization.
  • It can be easily Integrated with SAP Data, S/4 Hana and  Non-SAP Data.
  • It is supported on the SAP HANA Infrastructure Services on Amazon Web Services.
  • It helps in achieving Data Footprint Reduction.
  • Experience Simplified Administration and Modelling.
  • It has modern and much better user Interface.
  • Additional feature of ‘Automated Multi-Temp Data Management.
  • Implementation is followed by reduced need for production support.

Our Key Offerings:

  • BW/4 HANA brand new/Green Field Implementation:

For first time customers who are new to SAP’s integrated data warehousing, we provide quick implementation of the software system.With latest developments and number of new and less time consuming features introduced in BW/4 HANA, we can assure a much quicker implementation.


  • Migration/Transition BW/4 HANA or SAP HANA:

We offer quick and easy transition of your old system to SAP BW/4HANA with integrated data management and quality tools.
For existing BW customers: We will help you upgrade your BW-on-any DB to BW-on HANA and then migrate to SAP BW/4HANA.For customers already on HANA: We will help you migrate to SAP BW/4HANA object set and then convert to SAP BW/4HANA.We can also consolidate all the BW systems in to Single Instance on SAP BW/4 HANA.


  • BW/4 HANA on Cloud

It is supported by the SAP HANA Infrastructure Services on AWS that provides a pre-built SAP HANA DB virtual appliance.
We will be able to guide you to procure the necessary hardware required to run SAP HANA will in minutes compared to weeks, if we have proper sizing information available.


  • Advisory Support:

We also provide you with advisory support regarding, choice and method of implementation of new technologies, based on the in-depth analysis performed by our experts.


  • ABAP optimization

We will be doing ABAP optimization for your SAP BW systems as most of the custom BW systems have custom code for individual customer needs which need to be modified for you to be able to harness proper advantage of SAP HANA , like the code in Start routine , end routine and in Transformation.


  • Production Support:

After implementation of B/4 HANA, the housekeeping work or the production support issues will be reduce to a much lower level. We offer production support for all BW versions.